Logo. The final logo conveys relaxation, professionalism, and performance. The circular shape is representational of hot stones used in massage practices, used to ease muscle stiffness. This relates to the company's goal of easing their clients' tensions when it comes to being understaffed or not staffed at all for an event. The leaves represent not only the herbs and plants used in spa treatment, but also the company's ability to have a diverse staff in place for their clients' needs. The need of their clients is represented by the outlined circular shape, and the elements of the rest of the logo are "fulfilling" that need.
Color Story and Supporting Patterns. The color palette of the brand is centered around relaxation and luxury. The palette separates itself from national and international competition, but also feels familiar, drawing from the blues and peaches found in the spa and hotel industries.

Typography. The typography chosen for the brand represent both the professionalism and the friendly, informative facets of the brand. The typeface used for the actual logo will only be seen within the logo itself so that it stands out even more, pushing the idea of the brand itself being a unique and new concept for the Savannah area.
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